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14 Oct 09 [personal; general]
Misc: Devil
Welcome to Bockmist, my personal journal for everything and anything. First, I think an introduction is probably in order - this will constantly be edited and updated as my fandom love grows!

My name is Lulu, I am seventeen years old, living in London, England. In origin, I am half Iraqi, quarter Welsh, and quarter English. I, ashamedly, only speak English, although I am trying to learn German.

I am at sixth form college student (to anyone in the US or other countries other than Malaysia etc. who use our system, that is the Junior and Senior year of High School for you), where I study Government & Politics, Psychology and Geography. I am also looking to take up English Literature, but it is all as my timetable allows (watch this space!).

I am an active member of the Liberal Democrats, which is the third most popular political party in the United Kingdom, and take a keen interest in politics, especially British and American. I have a bit of a political crush on Mr. Nick Clegg (although, I assure you, it isn’t the reason I’m part of the Lib Dems, aha).

I don’t watch much modern British television except for Peep Show, and then all those wonderful panel shows (Mock the Week, Have I Got News For You?, QI, Argumental etc.). I do, however, watch a hell of a lot of classic comedies, Blackadder being my favourite, along with Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Only Fools & Horses etc.

As for American shows, I enjoy my bit of The Mentalist, House, FlashForward, Bones (despite the sometimes dodgy dialogue) and Scrubs. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter - like, stupidly so. I know far too much, and talk about it way too much about it. Just wonderful!

For ‘ships, I stand quite strongly in my views. I ship House/Wilson, and cannot stand Huddy. In The Mentalist, I’m a strong supporter of Rigsby/Van Pelt (you’re not human if you don’t, aha), and totally against Jane/Lisbon. Of course, I’m a Angela/Hodgins and Brennan/Booth shipper. The best! For Harry Potter, I have many. My favourite are canon; Arthur/Molly, Remus/Tonks, Lucius/Narcissa, Grindelwald/Dumbledore and Andromeda/Ted. My favourite ship of all time, though, is Lily/Severus, only if it is unrequited (although a huge shipper, I'll admit Lily will never love him back). And for a nice slash crack!ship, Dean/Seamus. For the record, I’m very firm in my hate for Harry/Hermione. Harmony that ship is not!

I’m a little bit anti-real person ‘shipping, but I admit to loving Pinto (Quinto/Pine), and, for my more bizarre ‘ship, Stalin/Roosevelt. Look at the body language at Yalta, and tell me you don’t see it XD

Anyway. I think this is my interests summed up in a nice little (long?) post. This doesn’t really tell you much about “me” me, but hopefully, if I keep this journal updated, you might learn a bit more!

<3 Lulu
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