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Writer's Block: Last supper 
Bones: Brennan
If you had one night left to live, what would you do? Would you prefer to spend your final night with a loved one or alone? What would you choose for your last meal?

I don't usually even read these writer's block things, but this one was too good for me to pass up! I seem to always be talking about what would happen as a result of knowing when we were going to die. But if I were going to die the next day? That's a toughie, that is.

I think I would buy a plane ticket - and travel to Iraq. It seems like an odd definition, but being half Iraqi, I've always felt a bit lost in British culture. I mean, I definitely belong in Britain, but there is always this part of me wondering what it is to live in such a country. I would want it to be during summer so I could see what my birth father used to describe to me; steam rising from the pavement. I'd go to a less traumatised part of Baghdad, meet the family I've never met, but whom my mother has told me all about.

For my last meal, some huge Arabic banquet with desert and lots of Arab tea! Plenty of sugar and mint!

that, or lots of nekkid love on a beach somewhere in the Tropics.

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